Believe it or not but right now, one of the best way to publish to for me on is to use , it works for publishing, liking, commenting.. Having issue with following tho

Looking for nice accounts to follow, from , now that federation seems to work here :)

I'm so grateful and amazed at the development of different things part of the

Sometimes I stumble on rants against these ongoing projects to change the web as if the developers and the community behind should in any way provide services like mega corporations the same users have just ditched... And I'm wondering.. Do they know where they are?

We should be grateful not cranky even if the process to improve is slower - 1/2

How do you handle notifications from different building blocks ?

Imagine you have a and account somewhere, you can get notifications on each services..
handle the 3 services, so one can switch between identity & check the notifications, interact and so on..

But what if we could define a Main identity as a receiver of other self identities on different services & pilot interactions & notifications read/unread all from the same - 1/2

I can read my account from but I'm still in the dark as how to add my instance as a proper account so I can post from fedilab to pixelfed...

Wondering if will be able to post to in the future.. Just got my instance running at and now I'm wondering how I can publish from android...

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