Would be amazing to be able to choose the thumbnail of video clips before tooting them

Weird visual bug
This is the second time I catch this.. This time I took on recording this, it's so weird!

@stux @fedilab

The "progressive web app" isn't that bad, I suspect my phone is slowing it down & perhaps the server has also a role in this lag compared to using but other than that it's pretty good from mobile, also has its own integrated app icon, so it's really behaving like a native application.

How do you handle notifications from different building blocks ?

Imagine you have a and account somewhere, you can get notifications on each services..
handle the 3 services, so one can switch between identity & check the notifications, interact and so on..

But what if we could define a Main identity as a receiver of other self identities on different services & pilot interactions & notifications read/unread all from the same - 1/2

I wish I could sync the columns/hashtags/lists I have on my desktop account with my mobile

from app devs the easier it is to follow development & even contribute with bug reports etc..
3) I was bit worried about resources usage, it seems activating the relay & allowing registration expose one's instance to quite a lot of pressure.
Thought : I wish there was a very low footprint, single user manner to join the fediverse without the complexity & feature set of the good thing is it seems several attempts at doing just that are ongoing.. The future of the fediverse - 2/3

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After a few months running my own instance I came back to public instance for a bunch of reasons :
1) my instance was running on a existing server where I already host lots of different stuff.
Lesson : better to have a dedicated machine because of resources, relay, user registration etc..
2) Since my backend was docker I was depending on a chain of good willing people to update app packages to always get latest version (I'm using cloudron.io)
Lesson: the closer you get - 1/3

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