I never had the opportunity to test and I have to say : I'm blown away by everything, the administration interface is so much more useful, overall everything is just better designed and more intuitive than
It's quite amazing that just in a few years the project grew so much!

I'm wondering if Searx could be used to self host a fediverse search engine.
It would require some kind of a plug-in for to start indexing content while respecting noindex instance specification

I wish there was a for the entire fediverse, with the ability to filter (pixelfed) photos, (Mastodon, Pleroma etc..) status, video (Peertube) with the intent to foster better content discovery, people to follow.

I'm so grateful and amazed at the development of different things part of the

Sometimes I stumble on rants against these ongoing projects to change the web as if the developers and the community behind should in any way provide services like mega corporations the same users have just ditched... And I'm wondering.. Do they know where they are?

We should be grateful not cranky even if the process to improve is slower - 1/2

Looking for a pleroma/mastodon/misskey alternative for a single user, I have seen something along this line on the just a few days ago but can't find it back :(

Wow the Indigenous app can now do all of these in one single spot?

How do you handle notifications from different building blocks ?

Imagine you have a and account somewhere, you can get notifications on each services..
handle the 3 services, so one can switch between identity & check the notifications, interact and so on..

But what if we could define a Main identity as a receiver of other self identities on different services & pilot interactions & notifications read/unread all from the same - 1/2

What happens when you turn your default WordPress into an enabled instance?
Your WP author gets an identity on the @okcinfor the number of published articles become posts/toots you already published even if not listed on the identity time-line.
Future WP posts will be appear publicly as toots
You can follow, interact with content, not sure yet how to reply to interactions with the fediverse from WP side..

Todo: pimp the user profile, add avatar, description etc..

Something I see a lot on Spanish languages but also on the birdy site : they use each day like a centralizing hashtag and move on to next hashtag every day, it makes it very easy to find content from a specific day/place, not sure it's a practice I almost never see on French or English swarms.

Liking the result of my two news bots
belgian politics @PolBegov
european politics
These bots won't be sending ANY twitter links to the fediverse, no RT, basically nothing from the birdy site.
I wanted the content to be native to fediverse & that's what you're going to get + some nice images when possible !

I'm fascinated that anyone with a account can comment on my blog post from whatever client they use to see THIS post blog.rmendes.net/2020/the-reci

Quite fun to explore the in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French, so many things going on in so many places, certainly the most interesting corner of the internet regarding the evolution of social networks & reclaiming our ability to own our data, web actions and online presence.

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