Just noticed, hashtags columns, lists, search terms are for the entire @fedilab@toot.fedilab.app app.

I wish it would adapt per account basis, so when you switch account inside one could have different lists, different columns adapted for each account.

But if that wouldn't be possible, customizing the order of appearance of such columns per account would make sense, since it's a bit tedious having to skip dozens of columns content that doesn't - 1/3

Would be amazing to be able to choose the thumbnail of video clips before tooting them

Weird visual bug
This is the second time I catch this.. This time I took on recording this, it's so weird!

@stux @fedilab@toot.fedilab.app

The "progressive web app" isn't that bad, I suspect my phone is slowing it down & perhaps the server has also a role in this lag compared to using but other than that it's pretty good from mobile, also has its own integrated app icon, so it's really behaving like a native application.

How do you handle notifications from different building blocks ?

Imagine you have a and account somewhere, you can get notifications on each services..
handle the 3 services, so one can switch between identity & check the notifications, interact and so on..

But what if we could define a Main identity as a receiver of other self identities on different services & pilot interactions & notifications read/unread all from the same - 1/2

I wish I could sync the columns/hashtags/lists I have on my desktop account with my mobile

I can read my account from but I'm still in the dark as how to add my instance as a proper account so I can post from fedilab to pixelfed...

Wondering if will be able to post to in the future.. Just got my instance running at pixel.rmendes.net and now I'm wondering how I can publish from android...

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