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Haha this is genius, Trevor Noah at its best, back cover of both WaPo and NYT!

2011 - RollerShort Disco Fever

One of the last home grown produced Disco tracks I produced with another unknown Belgian artist nicknamed Galaxy.

The plan was to add some nice female voice to it but then it got released on the internet anyway.

Digging into a 20 year old judicial case material... 80 boxes full of papers, only a fraction was converted to PDF's, there is no master index of what's inside each box, roughly there is some basic index in each box stating what's inside, half the time incomplete, missing or simply impossible to decipher, it's literally analog anthropology on a story spanning from the 70's up to today, in 2020 since the trial is ongoing.

It's literally the craziest story I ever had to tell anyone, - 1/2

Recovering audio files from a DVD
- had to buy a dvd reader/writer
- Making an image copy of the DVD
- Recovering bad blocks
- It takes eons !

Wow the Indigenous app can now do all of these in one single spot?

Weird visual bug
This is the second time I catch this.. This time I took on recording this, it's so weird!


Déclaration du centre interfédéral Coronavirus - RTBF Auvio

Le centre de crise interfédéral de lutte contre le coronavirus fait le point sur l’évolution de l’épidémie en Belgique.

Déclaration du centre interfédéral Coronavirus

What happens when you turn your default WordPress into an enabled instance?
Your WP author gets an identity on the @okcinfor the number of published articles become posts/toots you already published even if not listed on the identity time-line.
Future WP posts will be appear publicly as toots
You can follow, interact with content, not sure yet how to reply to interactions with the fediverse from WP side..

Todo: pimp the user profile, add avatar, description etc..

Found a nice path to record audio & have it over here as a status post.

Well blocked @okcinfor domain URL you are allowed to feedback on this block but whatever I tried, there is nobody on the other side.

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