Biden’s Campaign for “Digital Democracy” Is Really a Giveaway to Big Tech - Kevin Klyman @ Jacobin:

I find it hard to know whether I'm falling for US or Chinese propaganda, but a few things are clear to me:

1. China does not seem to be the military threat AUKUS makes them to be.

2. I don't particularly like the existing US world order.

3. Isn't it interesting that those warmongering against China are precisely those warmongering against encryption & privacy?

@alcinnz believe me, you don't want to have a Chinese World Order.

The problem in the West is, we're only going to realize how lucky we were, even with our flawed democracies & degenerative ones, once our systems get so corrupted that they became porous and permeable to all kinds of propaganda, that's when we'll be unable to even make the difference because we'll have no agency or Autonomy to do so, instead we'll move from our own flawed systems (that we should urgently fix) to Russian or Chinese world order, that's when we'll be able to compare and realize we should have saved our system, instead of throwing it away as if it all was rotten.

We have the privilege and the luxury to have no idea about real authoritarianism and yet we're looking at Russia and China as if they were any better?

Ask a free mind Chinese or a free Russian. They know the difference.

@rmdes Such shallow fearmongering won't work on me! I'm not even convinced China's that keen on a chinese-world-order, though they certainly like the profits...


@alcinnz too bad you're muting even before actually understanding my view point but it's your choice. Like I said, most Westerners have no idea about real authoritarianism, dictatorship, precisely the kind of weakness and hole that allowed Russian and Chinese disinformation narratives to spread so well on the western information space. This is not fear mongering, this decades of observations of each system and how they perverted everything.

You are absolutely right. Living under a dictatorship or near-dictatorship is much worse than living in America/West. Sadly, some of the worst places to live (or conditions to live under) are directly supported by the people in power in these lands of freedom. This is just as true today as it were a couple of hundred years ago i.e. colonialism, slavery.
But, facts dont change minds and opinions, fear, war, and propaganda does and US has the best movies and TV shows.

@prasoon totally agree and also support the fact that these systems of exploitation, resources takeover and extractive values systems that don't redistribute to where resources are taken from should be dismantled, fought, changed.

But I also think luxury privileged westerners have no idea about the luck they/we have.

Cant contest you there. The West is understandably unaware of the hardships other people have to live through cuz of their desire for more. In the words of Zuckerberg, one of the driving forces behind USA's tech policy both domestic and abroad - People are more concerned about the squirrel dying in their backyard than people dying in Africa ~ a fact about human behaviour heavily exploited by the SM monopolist to aid genocides across the globe.


@prasoon not just unaware, but also prone to praise Chinese or Russian "models" without the slickest idea about what it actually means to live under the boot of those regimes. Yes America, Europe, International Institutions have to be made more democratic, more representatives of the world diversity but despising our own flawed system while unconsciously praising rogue regimes = westerners cut from reality and inept at cherishing / preserving our own flawed models, that need certainly a democratic upgrade.

No, the westerners need to talk about their flawed system a lot more than they talk about the rest of the world for 2 reasons:
1. Their system is directly responsible for creating the chaos.
2. They are in a better position to talk about their own flaws. Their opinion about China is likely to be far lacking than their lived experience of the West that is clearly crumbling too.

Selectively enabling dictators is a slippery moral highground.

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