I was born in a cult, even though my biological parents had given me a name, i was given a Tibetan Buddhist name at birth, Kungyal, I never liked it, it never felt me.. When i was 15, one day i stumbled on a Tibetan book with a character called Ben Kungyal in many ways we shared loads of common points, Ben was always making people laugh, always making some stupid funny things that would get him in troubles and beyond the facade, was - 1/3

revolted against norms, authority and dogma. That day I ditched Kungyal and adopted Ben.. My friends started to go along with it, ultimately even my biological family would have no choice but to use Ben or I wouldn't reply or pat attention.. It was my name, the one I had picked for me, by myself.
Fast forward 20+ years and I have learned to claim my original name and ditch Ben altogether, I launched with my real name, the one i was given at birth by @vortex_egg - 2/3


my biological parents, I incarnated Ricardo and started to craft memories, actions and my future around my intended identity, I became the person I was supposed to be :) @vortex_egg - 3/3

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