So if you have been around me here you probably heard about my battles in court to hunt down a pedocriminal that abused my friends and basically destroyed countless lives over the last 40 years.

I was just born in this mess, took me 20+ years to grow, get out, rebuild from scratch and find the courage and the strength to hunt this cult down, here's is the latest developments :

It's a long read, very long.. Bear with me🙏🏽

We (OKCinfo) have rebooted our @OKCinfor @OgyenKun - 1/9


new judicial case in

More information on our page

Some context on why we need your contributions to guarantee our ability to face the cult & Spatz attorneys

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We @OKCinfor have been busy since 6 years now, dragging @OgyenKun and it's founder cult leader to Justice. 2 Judgements, 3 appeals and 40.000 € raised to pay for our lawyers fees for the different steps of the Belgian trial.

We've been very fortunate to - 2/9

even get this lawyer Since the 2nd December 2020 judgment where OKC was largely acquitted, for being recognized under influence, hold, grip of Robert Spatz alias Lama Kunzang.
The later was condemned to 5 years suspended sentence, meaning he won't do any jail time & goes out of this 20 years long

Juridical proceedings with a 2.8 million euro bonus, freedom and even the ability to continue his abuses against the remaining of adepts that are close to him in Spain. Life couldn't be - 3/9

nicer for this now recognized pedocriminal.

Obviously, we didn't work for 6 years to hunt him down just to sit down and accept this state of things.
The Belgian trial was intoxicated by procedural vices, 20 years of proceedings between the police raid on the cult and the trials. More on this on our website

So in the middle of the Belgian trial we started moving in France, where most of us, kids were groomed in the OKC property of Château de Soleil aka Nyima - 4/9


Things started to accelerate in 2021 with the official reopening of the Justice case in France. Meaning...

A new instruction is ongoing.
One in which we're going to fully participate, having Learned quite a few things from our previous experience in Belgium.

We're not going to give too many details yet but things are heading the right way.

The part that hasn't changed, from the last 6 years is our ability to autonomously pay for our Defense, our lawyers fees that will - 5/9

represent our civil parties.

Our financial situation, collectively, individually is pretty much precarious.
That's why we need your help 🙏🏽

We don't know yet the costs we're going to face in France, how many lawyers we'll need and the overall costs involved.

We are basing our needs on the last 5 years of Belgian proceedings but we suspect the costs in France will be higher.

Our goal: Robert Spatz need to be stopped, we suspect that at least 2 - 6/9

cases of sexual abuses are ongoing and at least one case of financial fraud

We're going to use the elements of the case that couldn't be judged in Belgium (for not having been part of the previous instruction)

And also another case of pedocriminality that enfolded in another in the 90's and we're going to finish the job we started in Belgium.

This time, no procedural vices, no inherited toxic situation created by the cult & Spatz that ultimately benefited them after 2 jugements.

- 7/9

How You can help?

- share this thread, share our tweets in English and from our French account @OKCinfor, share our website, if you have lots of followers, be our amplifier!!

- Donate to our crowdfunding 🙏🏽❤️

We're going to terminate this, once and for all, this criminal need to be stopped and the OKC cult need to be taught a lesson of integrity, ethics, truth.

More context about our story and how we ended up to be born inside this cult on our website - 8/9

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