Looking for a way to convert open tabs in FF browser into bookmarks, I don't want to do that manually to hundreds of open tabs

@rmdes right click on a tab, pick "select all tabs". right click again and the "bookmark tab" will have changed to "bookmark tabs..." and it'll get you where you want.

@rmdes you can do this by manually selecting a block of tabs if you don't want *all* of 'em bookmarked, too

Oh of course, I was thinking from a mobile session... With 1000 tabs open..

@rmdes Oh. Hmm. I don't know a good version of "select all" there. :/ Any chance of sharing them to a desktop machine and using that interface?

Precisely what I was looking for.. But either for Chrome or FF, it feels like mobile open tabs are stocked in a black hole, I can't find any way to open them from desktop or even just list them.. I can only see that my mobile FF has this thousands of tabs open but then what..? It's weird.

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