It's funny to use this opportunity (getting into becode cursus) to review things that I know but never learned formally

I also use SoloLearn :blobcat:
I like it alot, have done all the courses their again and againπŸ˜›

@mur2501 @calculsoberic the school I'm getting into will be watching my sololearn profile to measure my motivation, so I guess I have to use it :)

@rmdes @mur2501 absolutely! maybe I should check out that platform. I've been doing some coding with freecodecamp.I signed up a while go but kinda slacked off on the lessons!

@calculsoberic @mur2501 Also started learning a few months ago but I want to embark into a real cursus, I have been learning on my own for the last 20 years, this time I want something more methological :)

Their are many books related to python if you wanna go very deep.

@mur2501 @rmdes funny you should say that I've been reading a book called The Hacker's Guide to Python, and when I finish that I'll go into Violent Python which is another good book!

I have never read those two, I was talking about university textbooks rather then guides.

Probably would try :blobcat:
By the way if you looking for downloading books then go to libgen :blobcat:

Tutorials point and sololearn this two are the best course related programming materials.

@rmdes @calculsoberic
I have around 12 certificates from SoloLearn. Though here in India univs don't give them any value :sadness:

@mur2501 @calculsoberic I'll be doing this followed by at the end the provided certificate is actually official & worth it, and the best of all ? it's free !

@mur2501 @rmdes you're welcome! let's encourage each other in our progress.

@novaburst that's a few steps beyond my current abilities :) good luck !

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