Looking for a pleroma/mastodon/misskey alternative for a single user, I have seen something along this line on the just a few days ago but can't find it back :(

@rmdes is in Python? Otherwise, you might mean Epycion ( or pubgate ( No idea what's the state of federation for these two.

@rmdes and if you happen to find something that is not on the #activitypub watchlist, then pls give us a heads up and we'll add it :)

PS. @lightone @strypey and yours truly are maintaining that list.

@lightone Yes it's python, but I think you found what I was looking for : Epicyon is the one i wanted to have a look and try

@sl007 Damn, have spent a few hours trying to follow build instructions, but it's to no avail (I'm on debian/ mxlinux) it seems the current instruction to run it locally don't work, also not used to debug npm modules dependencies mess :/

@sl007 This :
i ended up downloading the last release package, instead of taking latest git code, from the release I can build but then migration & other parts fails not sure how to go beyond this point now

@rmdes @sl007

Is your npm version > 5?
npm -v

Can you try installing normally with "force"?
npm i -f

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