Finally got to it! migrating my #writefreely blog to #wordpress on my own domain #selfhosting

Just imported my first post:

It is supposed to be #activitypub and #indieweb compliant

Post about the migration coming soon

Replied to you from my Known blog yesterday but I can't see your website displaying my webmention to you..

Ohhh yes, me too now, wasn't the case yesterday when I tested but anyhow, good news!

You can test your implementation at

For the part and WP, I'm still learning all that part since I've been using Known for years now.. But your author on your WP site? This is your secondary fediverse identity

If you decompose this URL into you - 1/3

should be able to follow yourself from your Mastodon account or any ActivityPub enabled piece of code.
You'll see that the profile display the number of articles this author published on the WP side.. only future post your write, after having followed your WP user are going to come as toots.. (that may change in the future of the ActivityPub plug-in I read somewhere) but for now it's a good way to test if your new posts are visible for followers on the @lopeztel - 2/3



Also, check out the Indigenous Android app, you'll login using indieauth and use & to publish to your blog on the go and subscribe to other blogs on the go.. It's like the combination of a feed reader and indieweb publishing app in one spot! @lopeztel - 3/3

You'll want to add Yarn Micropub plug-in to have both Pub and Sub working, feel free to ask for help when you're at that point!

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