Wow the Indigenous app can now do all of these in one single spot?

@rmdes looks fun, it let's you login with read/write from all these platforms, is that it?

Correct! And the first one allows you to kind of subscribe to entire website.

It's the concept & protocols
There is to components, to publish different kinds of posts (status, photo, audio, check-in, events etc) and which allows you to subscribe to entire websites/identity, so you can choose to subscribe only to video or photos or everything and directly reply from within the app and - 1/2

with your own identity/website to any indieweb enabled URL

Ps: I can also publish my website blog posts to Mastodon/Twitter (other corporate socials nets were either stopped or broken API/abandoned)

But with the rise of the fediverse I can gladly publish on my own blog & syndicate copies elsewhere in the same operation, either from desktop or mobile :)

It kinds of brings the "social network" back to the open and in the open, it's fun, join us! @silmathoron - 2/2

@rmdes sounds nice, I downloaded it, I'll have a look as soon as I can secure some time ^^"

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