@eloisa You can find my creations with the artist name BEN/B.E.N. and other variants of the same name but also AcidNerd, NerdAcid. the artist Yasynth is my brother, Acid Mercenaries is his studio project with analog gear, Air303 or R303 is also him & different friends collaborating.
Bass is another friend with whom we worked for an album that was never released, anyway, it's all there to be listened & used :)

I guess i stopped producing music when playing with the web became more interesting


@eloisa in fact buzzworkers.com had many version over the years, it was basically my playground to learn how to create website. At the time, there wasn't such nice things like Wordpress etc..so the website has been pretty much the same base over the 2 last decades, a listing of mp3, with a player built-in, podcast capabilities came very much later for example, for a long while, the website followed different trends on the openweb, until I tried to replicate some of the soundcloud features

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@eloisa I wanted to have my own selfhosted "waveform-like" generation inspired by Soundcloud, social comments and the ability to stock as much music I wanted without limits. unlike soundcloud.
that's how it stayed ever since.I still want to optimize it (waveform generation for each track is only launched when you hit play) so when you are in front of a huge MP3, you really need a fast internet connection to download the entire mp3 & then have your browser to generate the waveform, not ideal :/

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