@eloisa it started more than a decade ago, as a group of friends stocking their home produced tracks in the same umbrella, then it went on saving decades of party/dj mixes from the 90's up to 2000's, mainly from the Brussels/Belgian Techno/Electro/DnB/ scenes.a few years later we got a bunch of mixtapes from a now defunct US radio and we stocked it there too, 2 years ago we got another collection of mixtapes from different parties/raves across Europe and all of this is being saved at BuzzWorkers

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@eloisa 100% of the TRACKS are home produced, either with Jeskola Buzz (1998-2004) or with the Hardware Gear studio we developed further down the road after 2004, so there is both computer produced music and plain old school analog electronic music produced with gears like the famous TB303, TR808, TR707, Juno60, Polysix, SH101 & other, also it seems we are a huge collective of different artists but in reality we're less than 10 people behind all these names :)

@eloisa Over the years we ended up hosting different DJ's and all kinds of rare electronic stuff, I'm not even sure I know & listened to everything that is currently least in the MIX and LIVE sections..

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