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Jugement Procès OKC-SPATZ
2 décembre

Depuis 5 ans, des dizaines de ces enfants, aujourd'hui adultes, libre depuis entre 10 et 20 ans, attendent ce jugement, certaine partie civile depuis 1997

Même si la défense/adeptes de OKC-Spatz aura passé beaucoup de temps à essayer de nous détruire, decrédibiliser, user, c'est pas moins de 40 ex jeunes OKC (au pif) qui attendent ce verdict si pas plus.
Ils et elles habitent la Belgique, France, Inde, États-Unis, Portugal et - 1/2

Watch "Hacking for the Commons" a 87' documentary film by Philippe Borrel Online:

Sexism and the selection of the European Parliament president:

Nocode app ⛏️ | A free nocode app for data exploration, by Clément Levallois:

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@ademalsasa If I may, I consider @yunohost way better than #FreedomBox: it has many more apps available to install and it has a greater community working on it.

I am running it on my VPS and I love it!

#yunohost #selfhosting

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Wow. Yunohost 4.3 is in testing and this is shaping up to be a 🔥HOT🔥 release!

They're adding support to:
🔧 Have Yunohost autoconfigure your domains DNS for you
⚙️ The ability for apps to have configuration settings unique to the app when installing
🛡️ A range of improved security measures
👥 User import/export
🏠 Improved support for local network only .local domains and...well, there's a LOT.

Boost and help out with testing if you can! 💕

#selfhosting #FOSS #Yunohost

Week 3 of the training : we're still in the plain field, ingesting the basics, Git, Linux, Bash, CLI and since 2 days : diving in and next week, scripting with powershell !

Still trying to understand what happened but my blog time traveled back in time, I lost one month of publications

Quand la nature rassure, la brutalité du vécu s'estompe pour un instant.

Would be really cool to be able to have a public front for Astral (github star sync and organizing tool)

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I know some people on here will find this useful or interesting. This is an investigative toolkit for visualizing global supply chains.


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Almost 50k :pixelfed: users!

Can't believe we doubled our total user count in the past year, feeling so grateful!

Thanks to everyone who has been a part of our crazy journey, looking forward to the next year :blobaww: #pixelfed

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Les hommes ont autrefois confié la pensée aux machines dans l'espoir de se libérer ainsi.
Mais cela permit seulement à d'autres hommes de les réduire en esclavage, avec l'aide des machines.

Franck Herbert, Dune, tome 1

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