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Jugement Procès OKC-SPATZ
2 décembre

Depuis 5 ans, des dizaines de ces enfants, aujourd'hui adultes, libre depuis entre 10 et 20 ans, attendent ce jugement, certaine partie civile depuis 1997

Même si la défense/adeptes de OKC-Spatz aura passé beaucoup de temps à essayer de nous détruire, decrédibiliser, user, c'est pas moins de 40 ex jeunes OKC (au pif) qui attendent ce verdict si pas plus.
Ils et elles habitent la Belgique, France, Inde, États-Unis, Portugal et - 1/2

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Heh this is cool :

A simple multiplatform CLI network file transfer tool

[Now in Alpha] Ethereum World is a new community-governed social network dedicated to the Ethereum community. Its goal is to unify the ecosystem and become the coolest home of Mind for Ethereum!

It's crazy, the same laptop, same hardware specs is now behaving much better on than (debian) I'v restored everything and for the same app set, it's using half of the RAM that mxlinux needed, this feels much lighter & faster now !

Just switched to Arch based Manjaro, feels good to land on a fresh system where everything is working by default.

I just had to build Mullvad VPN app from AUR

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How the K-line got its name: history of IRC daemon configuration

> most #IRC daemons that exist today are direct code (“blood”) descendants of the original IRC daemon, ircd, version 2.8. ircd might be one the most forked pieces of open source software [...] The history of ircd forks runs in tandem with the history of IRC networks [...]

> this includes #Liberachat (Solanum, a fork of Charybdis, itself a descendent of ratbox, itself a fork of hybrid, which comes from ircd 2.8), until recently #Freenode (ircd-seven, a Freenode-specific fork of Charybdis), OFTC (hybrid), EFnet (the modern descendant of the original IRC network, using ratbox), Undernet (ircu, which comes ultimately from ircd 2.7), Quakenet (asuka, based on ircu), DALnet (Bahamut, a fork of Dreamforge which descends from ircd 2.8.21), Rizon (plexus, a fork of hybrid), as well as IRCnet (which is a story unto itself).


Woop woop successfully moved away from mxlinux and back to my old time Arch based , quite impressive how KDE became what it is today and generally speaking, after trying dozens of distro's in the last decade : this is the first distro that, by default, install my Nvidia drivers properly, either using prime or bumblebee, for having tried to achieve this with other distro's and failed, I think in 2 years it's first time I'm actually using my Nvidia card :)

Not sure why this account can't be reached from Any idea @stux, check it out
Account doesn't become a link for some reason?

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Recently I also contributed to

(also on the birdy site) another bot tuned to monitor refugees & migration situation worldwide with a specific focus on Fortress Europe and the Asylum crisis triggered by 27 members states willing to abandon human beings to the countries at the European periphery or worst delegating migration to rogue nations like Turkey or Libya.

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And if you're a news/info junkie like me here is another bot I run @EUwatch (also on the birdy site) this one is tuned to European News in English, French, Spanish and is geared to monitor EU institutions but also some news beat by EU wide civil society topics!

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After a few months of pause I rebooted @PolBegov
Belgian News in English, French, Dutch!
Also on the birdy site!

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Can open sometimes be too open? Here's a post about what the @gnome community wish it didn't do when deploying its @matrix instance, and how it's going to fix it.

Blessing rsync -avr --info=progress2 /source/ /destination/
Gives me ETA for the operation, size, how much it synced, percentage progress, speed and time :)

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Danct12 announced a new version of Arch Linux Arm images for Pinephone and Pinetab. First time with Plasma Mobile images.

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Added Rules to pixelfed like mastodon has, not for mobile apps but for #fediDB.

My goal is to eventually use FediDB for #pixelfed's instance picker, and every other listed project will have one too!

I have big plans for FediDB aside from ActivityPub testing 😉

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Pixelfed Labs is scheduled to be deprecated tomorrow.

MomentUI is one of the biggest experiments of our Labs endeavour, providing an alternative post + profile layout.

We will be rolling out an improved MomentUI layout in the coming days, it will live on!

#pixelfed #pixelfedLabs #momentUI

Because need to survive and be protected from the copywrong industry!

Library Genesis

My pleroma account is here
Still testing but I might switch/move to there when I'm comfortable enough making upgrades and having my main account there!

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I never had the opportunity to test and I have to say : I'm blown away by everything, the administration interface is so much more useful, overall everything is just better designed and more intuitive than
It's quite amazing that just in a few years the project grew so much!

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