my witch feelings on wednesday's attempt at a coup. the fascists are organized, and they have the guns, and they have the support of the white supremacist system. nothing about wednesday should have been a shock, and instead, to many white liberals, it was. fellow white radicals, it is our work to dismantle it, and help white liberals recognize the need to abolish all systems of punishment. i recommend donating to, & your local BIPOC community.

If 2020 has shown us anything, it's that there is a growing need for autonomous media infrastructure to report on the growing social movements that are springing up all around us. We can't count on the existing corporate networks and we also have to expand our current capacity.


ISO: harm reductionists, people who work in syringe services, people who work on OPS/SUS/SIS, drop-in centers, or are in drug user unions or any other harm reduction groups

hi all! it's corinna and this is my introduction post.

i'm an aging queer anarchist witch of white settler descent living on unceded chemehuevi land (the mojave desert in so-called california)

i make a podcast, create flower essence herbal blends, engage in community herbalist & harm reduction & resource distribution through mutual aid, teach & read tarot from a liberatory perspective.

I moved over to mastodon because of 's efforts to boycott zuckers world.

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