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Hey I just wanna be transparent and say that this isn't an activist account!! I'm Black, tranz n queer so obviously I'm gonna talk about shit that affects me but like I'm literally just on here to be hawt and spooky 🖤

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Hey y'all I'm Graham and here's my !! I'm a 20 y/o queer ass fagdyke grrrlboi (they/them). I fuckin luv Misfits, horror movies & cryptids! Also black lipstick. I fuckin h8te capitalism, bootlickers & like,, petty drama n shit. Let's have fun!! Still figuring this thing out but if you like alt fashion & zines or vibe w any of the above hmu!!

I take personal offense when I see makeup or outfit or decor tutorials that are like "how 2 b goth but NOT look like you're celebrating Halloween" like,, why would i NOT want to look like that???

Finally home from work!! *peels off all my skin and floats around as an orb of fire*

Introducing my son!!! His name is Bovine, I adopted him a year ago, and he is my sweet lil monster <3

*frantically shuffles through notecards* uuuh poggers?? *waits for audience laughter*

I made a new zine!! It's an illustrated mini zine w stimming cryptids and it's super cute and it would be great if you checked it out along w the rest of my shop!! The link is in my bio <3

Tell me your horror movie favs!! Especially if they're on Netflix or Hulu so I can watch them 🖤

Effortless, vampiric androgyny at the grocery store

Pro wrestling is undoubtedly the gayest thing I've ever seen, and I've seen my own reflection

I feel like I'd be the Pintrest Mom tm of vampires!! like making frozen blood pops and hand decorated coffins!! Yess!!! Fun and crafty vampire stuff!!

Hey Alexa, why can I hear the beating of a heart beneath my floorboards?

I'm tryna sneak through this cemetery and unearth graves to collect parts for my monstrous creation but my ass is too dummy gothicc and the clapping of my cheeks is alerting the night watchman

Audrey and Seymour from Little Shop of Horrors are t4t and bimbo4bimbo

I am a _____

✅bimbo lab assistant

seeking a(n) _____

✅unhinged mad scientist

I don't know who or what a "poggers" is and I am terrified to look it up

I allow myself three (3) evil thoughts a day for my own health

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