I post a bit more regularly to my telegram channel: t.me/dvtate and Twitter: twitter.com/hoffridder

Should still post here tho at least

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@kogomi pepechu - if you give a pikachu a pogstone it will turn into this

Traducci贸n: Hace 8 meses desde empec茅 haciendo este lenguaje y acabo de hacer el programa de hello world jaja

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It only took me 8 months to write a hello world program lol

Demo: monadic IO, Strings, interop with host environment, etc.

Acabo de ver "Enter the Void (2010)" con qorg. Pero no lo finalizamos

re: bornographi 

Curiosity killed the ridder

you know how to fix this? 

@qorg11 uso js cada d铆a 馃ゲ

The phs tagged template literal compiles the given source code into a WebAssembly module that you can use within js. To be fair my lang isn't doing a lot in this demo but still branching works and it's at least a proof of life for compiler :D

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