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Traducci贸n: Hace 8 meses desde empec茅 haciendo este lenguaje y acabo de hacer el programa de hello world jaja

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It only took me 8 months to write a hello world program lol

Demo: monadic IO, Strings, interop with host environment, etc.

Acabo de ver "Enter the Void (2010)" con qorg. Pero no lo finalizamos

The phs tagged template literal compiles the given source code into a WebAssembly module that you can use within js. To be fair my lang isn't doing a lot in this demo but still branching works and it's at least a proof of life for compiler :D

The other day I made it so the language I'm working on can compile simple numerical functions. Still working on recursion and branching so the language is still basically useless but made a lot of progress in refactoring things to enable that. Maybe in another week or two I'll some more interesting examples.

Output is WebAssembly Text format and compiler is written in JS because for target use case everything needs to run in browser.

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please follow my fren i almost pointed a gun to his head so he joined fedi because i think fedi is way better than the shit we call birdiste, so please show him that fedi is better than any other social media
in other words, stop being horny for like 3 minutes

his account: @ridder
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