@x41kla If that were incited by a sitting president, then of course that would be relevant.

It isn't, and you seem to be using whataboutism to avoid debating the actual event that occured as a way to avoid discussing the subject.

As you well know by now, BLM was fighting for equality (which is pro-constitutional).

A group of cult thugs and clown terrorrists attempting to subvert democracy isn't constitutional, and is an attack on a nation.

History will not view those traitors kindly.

I tried a vegan diet for 4 weeks and had my blood tested before and after...

Here are the results and my conclusion!


My first time owning a Synology NAS... setting up my new 2 bay.

My 4 weeks trialling a diet is complete!

For science.... doing my AFTER blood test (I had one BEFORE starting also). I should have the results in a few days for a BEFORE/AFTER comparison.

I had 0.5kg fat loss during the 4 week period, however that was with a 500 calorie deficit. (So the vegan diet in itself did not increase weight loss and may have even prevented weight loss, as 2kg loss was expected).

Next week I'm giving a ketogenic (low carb) diet a try for 4-12 weeks!

Hello, ̶w̶o̶r̶l̶d̶!̶ Mastodon!

(My first 'toot')

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