Just discovered this alternative social network. Seems like a cozy place to stay, and the admin @stux contributes to making this server even more cozy. I might publish from time to time what im thinking, and if the server rules allow it, I might post 3d animations, because ill studying animation next year!

@richardotomislav @stux Welcome, Richard! Can confirm that @stux is a cool guy, he does a lot for people...

How is your experience with the fediverse thus far?

@resynth1943 @stux Well... I kinda need a day just to comprehend how the registration process go. Like, "if I register on this instance I am not able to see the toots on another one?" or " why I am allowed to only see one?". Then it was a process of understaying and I got comfy with the layout and downloaded Tusky on my phone and then made public my account because I liked what I saw on this instance.

Quite a long post, huh? :ablobcatcoffee:

@richardotomislav @stux Haha. You'll get used to it. Maybe stick to the Federated timeline until you build up your following? Then, you can use the Home tab to view content from people you follow, and people in your social network...

@resynth1943 @richardotomislav I watch all timelines all the time haha! The bigger the better♥️♥️

@stux @resynth1943 well I know how everything works by now, problem is I don't know how to follow, for now, I'm only following people that talks to me, or I talk to.

@stux @resynth1943 Hah, i found myself on the profile directory. But I'm very accoustomed to follow profiles that advertise itself? Idk if i am explaining well, but i'm used to the Twitter as a news service. I joined mastodon to talk to people but it's... hard...
It's not the same as you do on twitter, you follow what you like, but here you follow people you like?
It's a different thing. I guess i'll get used with time and patience.
For now people all the people who is talking to me are awesome

@richardotomislav @resynth1943 I follow almost everyone I come across! Many times that leads to very nice conversations with people😻♥️

@richardotomislav @stux @resynth1943 You can search by the hashtags you like to get a familiar base. And keep an eye out on the Federated Timeline/Local Timeline (your instance feed)

I have never used twit, so I'm not able to point out the differences.
In my case I never follow more than 70-75 people, because they post and boost about the limit of what I can read in a day. I follow each for a reason. I've heard of follow and follow back, which is quite silly unless you check out the history of the other person. Corps like it to expand your 'network' reach for boosting ads and stuff
Never look at my local TL or the global. It's like sipping from a firehose.

I only have like 5 mutual. And I look at the local timeline more than the federated. Less noise overall.

@richardotomislav My friend IRL @aolog in japan is about to study 3D too. I meant to say this and then ran out of space before I even welcomed you to the fediverse!
I hope you enjoy it here.

Well, already enjoying it, just go to my profile and look at my timeline. I've interacted with a lot of people in just 3 days.

I was hoping that maybe you could help each other as you and Aoi are both starting in about the same place.



Wellmm. I really cannot help much out as I only did like small practices on past summer and sttoped because if I don't get past this course. I literally will have to repeat and not be able to study animation as I want.

@richardotomislav @aolog It was just a thought. Even novices can trade learning resources and tutorials, software choices... I truly don't know as I have zero artistic ability. Aoi is loaded with it, but just not with computers yet.
Yet - I'm sure it will happen :-)

@gemlog @aolog
Well if you friend wants to talk to me, say to him that i'm open to talking, my DMs are open.

@richardotomislav @aolog She is mentioned in your public toot, so it will be in her timeline :-)
Aoi is a 'she'. See the upper left corner of my avatar? That's Aoi :-)
If you are in PDT (nevada?) that is -7 UTC. Japan is UTC +9, so you need to account for that it is now midnight for us on a very early monday morning, it is just after 4 in the afternoon in Japan.

@gemlog @aolog
Oh i'm sorry i didn't noticed that is "she".
Im on UTC +01:00 , or Madrid / Paris time.

No need to be sorry - how would you know? It's all good.

@richardotomislav Nice to know you! I'm Aoi from Japan🗾 Thank you so much, I will! and you too.(ゝω・) @gemlog
Thank you so much introducing him to me :-) I was feeling alone from starting something really new.

@aolog @gemlog
Hey hey, you are the user who gemlog introduced to me. Nice to meet ya too!

@richardotomislav Welcome Richard!😻♥️ We are happy that you are here, we do allow a lot if posted with respect there shouldn’t be any issue mate! 🙂 Can’t wait you see your 3D animations, love that!

Buenas, la verdad es que ya llevo varios días en mastodon. Pero gracias por la bienvenida de todas formas.

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