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People of mastodon! I have come to say an announcement! 

You are all amazing :blobcat:

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Don't you love beign away from any social network and return like nothing happened? Also checking the infinite toot list for reading. Sometimes I wish mstdn had an unread toot count.

So here's everything wrong with Apple from a developer perspective:

- Paying $99 each year for a certificate to sign your apps and taking a 30% cut for each App Store purchase. Indie developers can fuck off.
- Apps in and outside of the App Store have to be signed
- OpenGL removed without any good replacement (Metal isn't as good as Vulkan)
- Wanting developers to rewrite their software with each new iThing/Mac generation
- Paying high-tier developers so they don't leave their platform
- Apple compilers only run on Apple hardware and you'll need an Apple-specific tool to upload your app to the App Store
- The WWDC is not a developer conference, it's just a corporate cringe fest
- And probably more points I didn't mention

When you want to write a quesiton mark but the question mark key broke or when you need a song that literally means "????", check this out:

@klonoavirus I remember you told me about Yakuza Dead Souls. Problem is, is a PS3 exclusive seems it wasn't ported to Xbox one. Did you played on the original PS3? Just curious.

I lost access an hour ago to my Xbox and I'm already missing Yakuza 0. Fuck.

Degoogle: Cutting Google out of your life

( the site uses nevertheless a top level domain name managed by Google :blobpatpat: )

I think the most wholesome part of mastodon is watching the local timeline. Its like a semi curated timeline, that is not busy enough to not keep with the toots and enough busy to keep you entertained.

Rogue likes are one of the most interesting and most fun genres for me, is the feeling that death doesn't mean "pure death" you don't lose anything more that you current play, but when you press that restart button, you feel that you are becoming better, reaching more difficult levels with each replay. Until you master it, and discover that there are even more difficult levels hidden under. And yes I'm talking about Nuclear Throne.

I'm gonna update my favourite games list with another masterpiece I've found. Yakuza 0. Please play this one.

Also you can karaoke with the main characters.

Kiryu, Bakamitai:

Majima, 24 Hour Cinderella:

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