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And now after this exam, I am going to play Terraria for the rest of the day seeya mastodonians. Or fediusers, or from whatever you are from.

Hello, I finished the last exam I needed.
Very good, might get almost a 7. But with a 5 is enough to pass clean.
But anyway, thanks to all people who wished me luck, you are all amazing.

*disclaimer: This article is in spanish.*

Damm, this is always the same thing. One guy does something cool, big tech company buys it saying "all yours m8", then "oops we released the same programm as yours, you might take down yours".

Silicon Valley portraits this exact situation. And it sickens me. I guess this happens on all companies.

Why I thought of iPhones? because I'm tired of how badly Android often performs and iPhones often give more performance for the price. And my budget is 250 max, maybe 20 € more.

Why I don't think about rooting? Because I'm not into that, not everybody wants a rooted phone or wants to do it. Please don't blame me for it.

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Looking for advise on a new phone, can someone help

I have a Nokia 5 android phone, and I'm thinking of buying an iPhone 8 for around 250€ on backmarket. But I really don't know if it's the right decision because most of the things I do on Android are not possible or heavily restricted on iOS. So I thought of waiting for the release of the Nokia 5.3 that seems like a good phone.

But idk for a guy that likes the peformance of iPhones and is tired of the slughinesh of Android, it's a good offer?

My name is Anna, I'm a 19-year-old girl.

I came here to seek peace and serenity.

I draw pixel art as a hobby.
I also write stories and draw traditional art, on rare occasion.

I 'm very shy, but I love meeting new faces and bonding with people.

#introduction #introductions

I discovered a lonely small spider in my light bulb. And I couldn't resist and I grabbed my camera and made some macro shots of the spider.

I hope you don't have arachnophobia. :blobcatnotlikethis:

my nasty injury from tonight, underwear 

btw, in case anyone doubted me (or just wanted to see what it looks like to get hit with a 40mm tear gas shell):

hurt like a mother fucker; a few inches to the right and it would have been a whole lot worse...

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I've been busy chanting but this Boston demonstration is MASSIVE

Well tomorrow I have the exam that decides if I am studying animation next year.

Wish me luck.
Damm, the police are really trying to basically ruin the last bit of reputation they had.

Hey hey, people of and .social, how is your morning doing so far? I've just wake up xd

Hello @Tusky developers. First, I want to ask if there is any place to request functions for your app. Second, if direct messages works,
when we could have support for custom animated emojis and trends? It's the only thing Tusky needs to be perfect in my opinion.

Social media has to be fun again and that what we are all about on !

See it for yourself and join our amazing family on

Damm, this social network is so different from the others that I could ramble all day about differences.

Another something I noticed from mastodon users is that I didn't saw anybody with his real name. Not that I care just a matter of fact and curiosity.

i really like this elephant. and i cannot choose an avatar better than this

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