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@freebalochmovt@twitter.com CAUTIONS the world.
Never trust Pakistan. Join hands with .

A will end Pakistan and it's nukes threats.

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Some pseudo and so-called left journalists in India have made journalism a joke. Rather acting as journalists, they become political agents of opposition parties and communal forces. Then they use social media criticism of public on them as a victim card.Pathetic twitter.com/postopinions/statu

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Pakistan is still in denial of attack by BRAS in Dasht, where 16+ Pak army officers neutralised.

Then how come so many coffins of 125 wing of Dasht Scouts?

Liar twitter.com/ResearchWing/statu

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From .
There is long and bloodiest history of Pakistan army's war crimes against & .

Pic1: Pakistan's terrorist army killing a pro freedom Bengali in close range shooting.

Pic2: The same terrorist Pakistan army killing a Baloch.

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: Global Gujarati community @PMOIndia@twitter.com welcomes @realDonaldTrump@twitter.com @POTUS@twitter.com @FLOTUS@twitter.com @MELANIATRUMP@twitter.com to Ahmedabad - India 🇮🇳. You are a guest of global Indian community. & welcomes both of you. Atithi Devo Bhava 🕉. @HCI_London@twitter.com

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PCB: Darren Sammy to be given honorary citizenship on March 23

🟩 2020 : confer with honorary citizenship of Pakistan

🟩2030 : Mohd. selectively (elected) as PM of Pakistan

🟩2031 : Pakistan PM Mohd. allegedly stripped at US airport

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President of Pakistan Dr @ArifAlvi@twitter.com will confer the highest civilian award and honourary citizenship to Darren Sammy on 23 March for his invaluable contribution to cricket in Pakistan.

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Hello Mr. Puppet Prime Minister, There's no way out now. either you handover back to us, or be ready to dance on the tunes of .

In both the cases, we're going to take back what was rightfully ours.

cc : @ImranKhanPTI@twitter.com

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PM |mran:
No hope for Ka$mir during M0di govt, I do not see much hope with this |ndian govt but do see in future that a strong |ndian leadership will also want this problem to be resolved,”

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❝From Hitting down a F-16 from a MIG-20, Destroying Confidential Papers in Enemy’s Land to Phrasing 'I am not supposed to tell you this'. This man took to a whole different level.❞

Brave hero! , The Pride of India.😊🙏🏼♥️

Photos: Rare, Elusive Rainbow Snake Spotted in Florida.

❝ The elusive rainbow snake was spotted in Ocala National Park in Florida for the first time in more than 50 years. The last time the snake species Farancia erytrogramma had been seen in Marion County was in 1969.❞

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"Janani Janma-bhoomi-scha Swargadapi Gariyasi"

Uttered by Lord Rama, this Shloka means that "Mother and Motherland are superior to Heaven."

Those chanting "Pakistan Zindabad" must pack their bags and go there forever.

No Individual has a right to insult 🇮🇳

Bharata Mata Ki Jai

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In Banana Republic of Pakistan, Gold price hits all-time high

The gold price hit an all-time high at Rs.93,650 per tola (11.66 grams) in Pakistan on Friday in line with the global trend as investors parked money in the precious metal following the outbreak of deadly coronavirus.

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: Only advice u’ll ever need. If u want anything in life, the only person u can count on is u. Then only will the Gods come together to back u. When u believe u, I appear & support u. If u can't believe in u, u can't believe in me. Shiva helps those who help themselves.

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Ever wondered why MAHADEV is Associated with Bhang?
Read On👇

During Samudra Manthan gods n demons came 2gthr 2 churn ocean 2 obtain Amrit drink of immortality.Byproduct of this churning was poison Halahala,most venomous poison in universe, whz fumes cud ki££ both gods n demons.

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@Kaala_Nag@twitter.com @shytigress@twitter.com Same thread. But, see how Indians are treated. 😂

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