"This advice has come quite late at a time when the Finance Bill is already printed.” Adhia wrote, despite the RBI responding on the first working day after it was asked for comment. “We may, therefore, go ahead with our proposal.”

Former finance minister Arun Jaitley took just hours to dismiss the RBI's warning that electoral bonds could funnel black money into politics and destabilise the Indian currency, documents show.

@jairajp @Sangeeta First is how these profit making PSUs went belly up.Modi govt demanded dividends from their reserves otherwise this money could have been used in expansion of the PSU.ONGC was used to hide the GSPC scam of MODI govt in Gujarat.

"We just want the colleges to implement court orders but they don’t want to do so. The managements have the nerve to disobey court orders because several BJP ministers own colleges here and they want the fee to be hiked,” said Bhaskar Chakravorty, a second-year BAMS student.

The laptop was old and purchased by one their sons(me).
But the policeman would not accept any of this.
The police continued to visit and harass my parents for next few days, till my father asked him, how to end this investigation?
He said, sign on this paper that says case is solved and pay them Rs5000 for their effort and they will stop.
My father, who worked honestly for 40 years for a state department, with replaced knees and fighting off 2 cancers, paid that 30 year old policeman rs 5000

The Supreme Court has held that the Right to Information Act is applicable against the Court. That is welcome. But the judgment carves out so many caveats and possible exceptions, that it throws into doubt the future application of the law. My piece on the judgment:


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Amol Palekar: "I was one of those few ones who stood up against Emergency, so in that sense, I was against Congress, I was against Indira Gandhi. But, because I was against it, I was not made to feel “anti-national” as today it is being immediately done.”

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Little FYI;

I am NOT earning ANYTHING from mstdn.social 😉 In fact it's the opposite, Every week I work about 40-50 hours for a company so I can earn money and pay for the servers, domain, media storage and email services and don't get me wrong. I'm VERY happy to do that ❤️ and I will NOT stop doing that for a long time!

We do get donations and that's a BIG help! But still I need to pay much from my own pocket so keep that in mind. We are not a company, we are not Twitter, we drive on ! ❤️

While the chosen few decides, which is the most favourable position. Still, if there are people like Prof Jean Dreze & Prof Abhijit Banerjee, I think it's enough to restore hope in humanity. There are other silent crusaders as well. We need more of them, people with empathy.
The change can also come from within. We all can be a part of this, may be not by shunning all privileges but understanding that privilege comes at cost of someone's life & we have responsibility towards them.

Vulnerable communities in Assam being stripped off their citizenship in NRC, People in Kashmir struggling to find a nationality, Minorities being threatened to be thrown out of the national boundaries, Marginalized sections in society who are citizens of this country & are still denied basic human rights, dignity & human life. We can talk so much about privileges & elitism when more than half of the Indian population's fundamental rights are being muzzled each day in name of welfare.

Indian economy in recession thanks to demonetisation, says economist Arun Kumar.

“You have a negative rate of growth at the moment rather than a positive rate of growth. So it’s not 4.5% or 5% or 5.8%, it’s👉 --1%"

More on that shady lot, the Srivastava Group, that paid all expenses for European RW politicians to visit Kashmir and say wonderful things about Snoopendra Modi for jailing 8 million people. Just wow. disinfo.eu/2019/11/13/uncovere

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"People would tell us that we would also be in danger if we stayed in the area for a longer time...There was no protection for journalists."

Kashmiri journalists talk about how their work has been affected in the last 100 days of shutdown.


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Artificial scapegoat: Why algorithms can't be blamed for political or corporate decisions
Basically @Anupam_Guha says, don't blame AI blame the humans behind the AI


"We were playing the park when were picked up. We weren’t pelting stones. The SHO came and hit us really badly. Then they pushed us into the Rakshak and hit us repeatedly. They even thrashed us with sticks." -Arif

Our collective shame 😥


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Modi has misused goodwill created by previous Indian govts and India's status as the world's largest democracy.

'Time the West acknowledged the dark side of Modi - esp threats to minority rights and the erosion of democratic norms.'

A searing indictment


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In a welcome turnaround, the ECIL’s first appellate authority has upheld an RTI appeal and directed its CPIO to provide access to information relating to EVMs and VVPATs deployed in the 2019 general elections.


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