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هزار جانِ گرامی فدای نامِ محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم

He was sent as , the last Prophet of Islam PBUH, the

’s presence at -led talks is no real departure from the past

"Isn’t New Delhi’s willingness to be seated around the table with the Taliban a significant development?"

Talking With the Enemy: Why Needs to Engage the Taliban – The Diplomat

"After the failure of the multinational peace talks in 2010, even New Delhi – at least unofficially – recognized as a legitimate political actor."

Pictures of Sultans of the Great Empire in the book Camiu't-Tevarih by the historian Reşîdüddin Fazlullāh-ı Hemedânî (1306-1307)

Alp Arslan


İyi akşamlar ... Back after a couple of months

Hi there, is anyone still using this app?

An acquaintance from said many people in their country believe was doing. wanted to destabilize economy and since owes trillions of dollars debt, the only way they could have hit Chinese was thru this lab manufactured virus

Tum toh momin ho, bhatkta wohi hai jo momin ho, jiske paas emaan nahin woh kya bhatke ga —

‏میرِ عرب کو آئی ٹھنڈی ہوا جہاں سے
میرا وطن وہی ہے میرا وطن وہی ہے

— علامہ اقبال

"Zindagi kya hai anasir mein zahur-e-tarteeb
Maut kya hai ini ajza ka pareshaan hona"

~ Pandit Brij Narayan Chakbast

A detailed biography of the new head of the Quds Force reveals his network has carried out activities in Pakistan.

Via Meraj

So let's say every political party is complicit in ? Jamia under attack by Police?! Police killed 2 people.

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