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Just made a new profile picture. I am quite happy with it!

I want to cross Canada on a bicycle some day. Here's hoping.


Annnnd then I get rewarded by having a gun pointed at me. Fun!

Just rode 103km, seaside touring route to lochside to Sidney to Brentwood Bay via West Saanich to the Goose via Interurban back home.

I am convinced that I am 75% leg

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Politics: Roe V. Wade, 

I offered to give someone my copy of The Handmaid's Tale when I was done with it. They declined, saying that they don't read non-fiction.

So... anyone want it once I am done with it?

Petition to rename Americans to Statsians.

Pronounced "State-see-ans".

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Games people play in cars:

  • I Spy
  • Fuck pedestrians
  • Fuck cyclists
  • Fuck the environment


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Got burns on my hands working the line yesterday. Does this mean that I'm officially a cook now?

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It's interesting watching the Federated timeline scroll throughout the day, as different citizens of the world reach different parts of their days.

Another thing: y'all. Being able to differentiate a singular from the plural in 2nd person is pretty important, and I wish that one could use y'all without it being considered unprofessional.

I feel like capital letters are underused in English. I find myself using them where they are not supposed to from time to time, almost as a form of emphasis.

If I remember a specific example of what I mean, I will let you know.

Threw together some Peanut Fried Rice. Tastes a lot better than it looks.

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@GivMeCoffee That's bad indeed..

Church and school (state) should ALWAYS be seperate! 😮

It's cool if people wanna do religion but in their own time on their own money, money, money

Today for day, here is the temperature change in British Columbia, Canada since 1901.

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Every day, I do a review on Pixelfed on unheard music. And when I mean unheard, I don't mean "quirky obscure act that has an underground following".

I mean is LITERALLY unheard.

As in, according to Spotify, YouTube, etc. nobody has ever heard their albums in their entirety.

A lot of it is junk and should have remained unheard.

But my God, some of it is gold and deserves a bigger audience.

Now I'm tempted to do features on the genuine best unheard stuff I've come across.

What's interesting about cycling everywhere is just how quickly you stop caring about traffic.

When I first got my bike, I would only ride in quieter neighborhoods, avoiding major roadways out of fear.

Now, 3 months later, on major roadways with no bike lane, they can pass me on the left if they reeeeeeeeeally need to save those 5 fucking seconds. I'm not moving.

Went to the eye doctor a few days ago, but forgot to actually take my prescription home with me. Now I have to go back and out myself as an idiot.


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