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If you're new to Mastodon, here are some useful terms:

Instance - The Mastodon site you signed up on, for example FediTips is on the instance

Federation - How instances talk to each other, process which lets people on different instances interact

Toot - A post, a message, Mastodon's equivalent of a tweet

Boost - Sharing a toot by pressing the boost icon below it ( the one that looks like this 🔄 ), Mastodon's equivalent of retweeting

Any others?

#TransDayOfVisibility #TransRightsAreHumanRights!
LGBT's need their rights protected espcially since we can not count on the supreme court to guard those rights. I am a transgender male and would like to be able to have a job, a home and marry just like everyone else.

Republicans obviously believe that in a free society, the only thing we have a right to prevent people from doing is voting.

We can let people kill us in any way possible - guns, viruses, execution, though!

It's not being discussed as mandatory, but reality never stops Republicans from pushing warped conspiracy stories.

Republicans seek to make vaccine passports the next battle in the pandemic culture wars-

The discussion around a passport has been led by various industries, including airlines, music venues and sports leagues. Biden officials have repeatedly said there will be no national mandate.

I watered my plants three times yesterday in addition to spraying their leaves every 2hrs. The mud hasn't clogged & they are dusty each time I check. Mumbaikers, plant or human aren't used to this dryness. Stay hydrated, keep hydrated. #GreenParent

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George Floyd didn’t get a trial. He was sentenced to death in the street. #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd

Floyd family lawyer: No one would call this a hard case if victim was white |

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