When Mozart was 8 this tree was over 40.
When first Steam Engine was patented this tree was 50.
When the Wright Brothers flew the first motorized plane this tree was 180.
Now at aged 300 it was felled for a service road for HS2
Words fail me.
~ David Attenborough.

@ScumbagDog ha ha. ha ..very sad is a destructive being!

@redragdolly Well I hope it doesn’t go to waste at least. That’s a solid couple of expensive tables right there.

@djsumdog @redragdolly couple? I count a dozen dinner tables and maybe another dozen smaller coffee tables. The trick is to cut along, not across.
@newt @djsumdog @redragdolly i have about 1 ton of slabs of wood i had milled from a dead tree in my sister's yard around this size. they have been drying in her garage for over a year. gona make a lot of tables soon

@djsumdog @redragdolly Was thinking the same thing. Old growth lumber is becoming rare these days. Furniture made from them can last several centuries

@redragdolly can you imagine how valuable that old growth wood is? That tree's probably worth $250k minimum
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