Dear #Fediverse #admins, here's a poll for you! Completely hypothetically, if #Facebook and #birdsite implemented #activitypub, would you be inclined to allow them to federate with your instance?

Yes, I appreciate that "it depends" and "it's complicated" (it really really is!). But please 🐻 with me, I'm just curious about your gut feeling about this. :blobcatcoffee:

@rysiek I am shocked.

Why would so many people vote to isolate and ? Wasn't the whole point of the for everyone to be able to talk to everyone anyway? And to be able to migrate from social network site to social network site?

@realcaseyrollins @rysiek i'm not so sure 'everybody able to talk to everybody else' is a safe goal to have. i'd rather put marginalized or vulnerable people's safety above an ideal for everyone to be able to seamlessly communicate with everyone else.

@anaerant @rysiek No speech on the makes anyone unsafe; which instances allow for violent threats, or doxxing?

@realcaseyrollins @rysiek that's a bold claim to make, especially since there are already instances that host harassers.

@anaerant @rysiek Harassing speech online doesn't always cause danger to its targets. You mentioned safety as a reason for safe spaces, but I've yet to see evidence of instance that actually endanger people.

@realcaseyrollins @rysiek that's where our opinions differ. i view harassment as causing real harm.

and there are is already at least one example of a fediverse instance that has endangered people:

anti-semitism, death threats, gab 


victims of harassment live in constant fear that the harassment will continue or escalate. even if the harassment doesn't escalate to physical violence, they still have to deal with the consequences of that fear which has a tangible and negative effect on their lives.

as for the Christchurch shooter was an active member there.

i created a throwaway account there and i was able to find examples of calls to violence and murder within minutes (see attached media).

@anaerant These users don't have many followers; perhaps this flew under the radar? You should probably report the posts; direct calls to violence are against the rules there, IIRC.

I would have reported them from my acc (since can forward post reports) but they don't show up.

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