Dear #Fediverse #admins, here's a poll for you! Completely hypothetically, if #Facebook and #birdsite implemented #activitypub, would you be inclined to allow them to federate with your instance?

Yes, I appreciate that "it depends" and "it's complicated" (it really really is!). But please 🐻 with me, I'm just curious about your gut feeling about this. :blobcatcoffee:

@rysiek I am shocked.

Why would so many people vote to isolate and ? Wasn't the whole point of the for everyone to be able to talk to everyone anyway? And to be able to migrate from social network site to social network site?

@realcaseyrollins @rysiek The main item I can think of -- when big corporations get involved in an open spec, they expect, nay demand, to be given an overly large seat at the table. Look at how any of the w3c specs have gone with corporate involvement. It will be twisted and the implementation details designed around their needs and use cases. The hobbyist running a couple hundred user instance will have no seat at that table. And if no seat is given to FB and Twitter they'll just use their oversized influence to ignore the spec and do as they will anyways.


@lordbowlich @rysiek Specs get ignored anyways tho; , , (and to a lesser degree and vanilla ) all have different, incompatible feature, or react differently than each other.

The better course would be to federate but ignore the and software, limiting their influence on the development process.

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