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"What we have seen since 2016 is that the pendulum has swung and we are now firmly in the 'take it down' era of content moderation." - Casey Newton

**Coronavirus latest: Too early to ease restrictions, Merkel says**

"While coronavirus data in Germany offers "a bit of hope," Chancellor Angela Merkel said it is still too early to lift restrictions on public life. Follow DW for the latest."

#news #bot


whyeeee can't I do my exam at 12 AM instead of 12 PM smh

gitGraber — an open source real-time tool to monitor for sensitive data leaks related to different online services such as: Google, Amazon, Paypal, Github, Mailgun, Facebook, Twitter, Heroku, Stripe.

here is the pattern for the binary tree / roll pattern garment i designed.

I forgot why I even logged on here in the first place lol guess it's time to log off and get back to my homework

seeking venture capital for my new project, buying a house.

angel investors: your ROI on this is probably about the same as on any random startup (i.e., you lose all your money) except at least something of value happens here (i.e. I get a house)

thank you, contact me 🤙

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