Wait, is windows 11 still being difficult about changing the default browser? I set my default as Firefox and it seems to use that if I try to open a local html file. Hell, it popped up once to ask me which program I wanted to use to open it, and then just used it as default.

Are there any use cases that ignore the default and go straight to edge?

BTW, I'm using windows 11 Insider developer preview, if that makes a difference. Maybe they heard the complaints and fixed it?

Wait, it's Microsoft, so probably not.

Okay, I need to test this out, but, I may have figured out a way to force Windows 11 to stop forcing MS Edge on the user.






Edison Carter, stand down, 4659413abb63aac024fd2aec271fedd6479cc5c5.

The preceding post is best read in the voice of Grandpa Simpson.

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KDE on Linux Mandrake was my first Linux. The year was 1999, and software came in boxes back then, and social media wasn't a thing yet, neither was cryptocurrencies, nor NFTs. I miss those days.

I now have BlackArch on the Pine Phone. I also have a USB-C hub so I can attach an external keyboard and mouse, and a WiFi Pineapple with a portable battery.

If I can figure out a nice case to bring all these components together, I'll have a pretty sweet cyberdeck.

Slightly misanthropic grumbling 

Technology is trying my patience.

I'll still take it over interacting with humans most days.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: dd is the only good image writer program. All the GUI image writers are shit. All of them.

Alright, gonna reinstall Manjaro Plasma and hopefully I can get something set up where updates actually work.

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Today's lesson: If you're recording a video on your computer, make sure sound capture is set up properly so you don't spend 20 minutes talking to yourself.

Religion adj, cybersec career change 

Then I remind myself that it has put me in a very unique position for understanding social engineering, and I can make this work by focusing on my own skills and strengths.

And it also gives me opportunities for side gigs. So it's all good.

I think I'm just tired and moody today.

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Religion adj 

Some days I wish I didn't take that time off to go to seminary. 3 years feels like a lot of time to catch up in the tech world.

Cybersec career transition/ training 

Some days I tear through the material and I'm like this is awesome, I get this.
Other days I stare at the screen and I'm like how to computer?

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