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I guarantee you, things will not change just by expecting they will do the job. We all need to take politics seriously and stop outsourcing it to people who made it a career. As with any other career, their interest also is to gain maximum wealth. We all need to take responsibility and get involved in politics and be the real representatives of people. Who is stopping us from that?

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CAG report says several lakh households with gas cylinders under PM’s Ujwala scheme got upto 40 gas refills a year. Obviously these refills were going elsewhere, probably for commercial use.

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Washington Examiner is the Opindia of DC, worthless trash. Anti-settlements is not antisemitic and no matter how hard the Alt-Reich tries, not going to make it so.

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Dial CAB for Detention centre
Dial BJP for Hindutva India
Dial Motabhai for Vindictiveness
Dial Modi for Propaganda
Dial RSS for Aakhand Bharat
Dial Sangh for Hindutva goons

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#hyderabad here is your chance!!!

join the All Party Massive Protest against CAB

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Park Circus, Calcutta, 14 December. We had to live to see this day- OUR OWN brethren having to wave the Tricolour to protest against the #CAB and #NRC , and hang our heads in collective shame. This song comes to mind : youtu.be/gJgcYm2fEFI .

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The protests against the #CAB should not be seen as a Hindu v Muslim issue. It is an INDIAN issue, it is a HINDUSTANI issue.
We as a country need to decide, that we as a people are NOT our religious identity alone.


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Listen to this UPS driver thank a family for their generosity with a heartfelt holiday poem

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So many reasons to Unite...
Yet it's always the reasons to Divide they're after...

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@spiffyhobbes @Amber
India under RW Modi Govt is a shame on our culture of inclusiveness, democratic values. They are treading a path which Hitler took decades ago.

It should come as no surprise to us that Hitler is an Idol to these Right Wing Sanghis.

Join the protests agt Fascist govt. #CABProtests

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Brilliant stuff from @LiveLawIndia@twitter.com. Every hearing on the Article 370, the filings, and live tweets of arguments, compiled chronologically here. A complete record of what has happened in the Courtroom so far.


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When Rahul Gandhi repeats what Narendra Modi said in the past, it becomes Insult to the Dignity and Honor of Womanhood…
But modi ji’s Original Utterance was in Celebration of Womanhood…?
Now you know how BJP and Bhakts celebrate Womanhood and its Dignity…❓

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@ranjona No surprises about Nistula Hebbar. Only a few months ago, she and Malini Parthasarathy met Modi and had a photo op, and then proudly flaunting the photo.

It's like European journalists meeting and greeting Hitler,Mussolini during the 1930s. What kind of actual journalists do such thing?

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@ranjona All her questions to that dude Ram Madhav are softball questions...

And no follow up on his absurd questions by pointing out the innumerable instances of BJP's muslim obsession.

Imagine what an actual journalist like Ravish Kumar would have done to that fellow...

And commiserations to the UK.
Welcome to the downward spiral of fascism so many of us are now trapped in.

Where is the Central Gobarmint, as India is on fire? Hiding under beds?

So Amit Shah ji is also a darpok? Whodathunk?

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Journalist friends @rohanv @nit_set @sanketupadhyay @journeybasket @Stuti @sritara @goldenarcher @ranjona @Kumar_Sambhav if you guys know about protests happening in different cities, please keep us posted.

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