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JUST IN - Austria: Fully vaccinated and "boosted" Chancellor Nehammer has tested positive for Covid.

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It takes a brave man to tell the truth. @bobscartoons is a brave and deeply compassionate man.

Embarrass yourself beyond repair, in one tweet.
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That shouldn’t happen in Kazakhstan, which has the 12th largest oil reserve in the world, & exports over a million barrels of oil & 1% of the worlds total natural gas reserve.

The massive surge in domestic supply that has sent prices skyrocketing is directly linked to Bitcoin.

Don't follow Tennis, but I have learnt that Federer and Nadal are simps for the state.

I know who you were at school.
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I bet was one of those students at school who always had a letter from his mum excusing him from doing his homework.


The can never admit they were wrong.

The Politicians,
The Journalists,
Your Friends,
Your Teachers,
Your Doctor.

They will never be able to face the devastating consequences of admitting their failures.

About half way through. I now know things I wish weren't true.
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Through propaganda and fraud, the CCP under Xi Jinping transformed the snake oil of lockdowns into “science,” the greatest crime of the 21st century to date. This is the story of how he did it, and why. 1/

If you're asking I guess it's because you have no fucking idea yourself...
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Divergence forming between and 10 Year Yield, a positive development.

Periods of divergence between and yields with bullish Onchain conditions have historically led to breakouts.

Yields have been rising lately, leading indicator of a breakout?

When he says "heavy economic consequences", I think it means he'll ask him mom to sue.
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Ethereum is being built to survive the next 1000 years.

It's being designed to be a decentralized universal settlement layer for humans and machines that acts as a source of truth with heavy economic consequences for attackers.

The value this brings to humanity is immeasurable.

In a weird way I'm thankful for lock-downs and masks. It's made it so easy to teach my child not to follow the herd. To think for herself and reject authority when it doesn't serve her best interests.

She values sovereignty and is better prepared for her future.

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@MichaelPSenger South Africa 27% vaccinated.
India 44%
Portugal 88% vaccinated.

The psychosis runs deep.

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Yeah I stole your ape pics. What are you gonna do, draw some police

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