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I have left wing heart and right wing mind.

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Time for introductions.

I am Raman Sharma. I am a graduate from IIT Bombay in Computer science and engineering.

I have a keen interest in history, movies, philosophy and Probability.

I have worked as a Quant and am currently working for a large financial firm.

We have a Shakuni and we call him Chanakya

Let's try solving terrorism without understanding sociology.

Without answering, under what conditions would a social group prefer asymmetrical warfare? How to dissolve those conditions?

Solve Kashmir without that understanding.

For my fellow tech people with contempt for humanities, do you think we have reached an optimal society and need not study it anymore? Also we have no social churning which may require input from someone who has studied it.

I just shudder at an India of the future without JNU in a few decades.

A few decades later we will have no proper answers to why any social change happened. Probably the fools believe we need no answers.

Celebrated my second marriage anniversary.

One thing is clear to me after two tumultuous years of arranged marriage and balancing in laws on both sides.

If you consider yourself one family, you will resolve all issues by talking. That talking may involve a lot of shouting and anger, but still talking.

I know Indians are capable of that. That is why I find it strange when they use violence against each other. Simply they do not consider others Indian

I would like to remind the army officers who want 'murder for murder and rape for rape' for what was done to Kashmiri Pandits that

You probably settled that score in the 90s, now you are just running up the scoreboard.

Even an eye for an eye was a limit on revenge. You are going for a thousand eyes for one.

Even the cynic in me calls your bullshit.

@musafir @Deepsealioness

Rajya Sabha is dealing with an existential crisis.

This is what is listed for discussion today. Like... wow.


Besides the traditional methods used by #Trinamool to get constant feedback & raise pressing issues in #Parliament , I'm now trying something new.

Please write to me with issues you feel merit attention in #Parliament. Will try my best to raise your voice in the house.

Fill up form at:

An ex army officer went to Media and said Rape is revenge for rape , he wants Kashmiri women to be raped. And this is just evening news in India . Am so disgusted by how men in powerful situations treat women like objects and I hope some country recognises how India treats its women

Dr. ManMohan Singh's article on India Economy in The Hindu news paper. Kindly read 🙏🙏

The fountainhead of India’s economic malaise - The Hindu

The last time consumption fell in India was during the global oil crisis of 1972-73.

@raman @Sukeshrk
Me: Sirji, location pe aaiye. Station ke main gate pe khada hoon.
Uber guy: Aapko jaana kahan hai?
Me: Gurgaon
UG: Sorry, I recuse.

JNU Admin is lying about rolling back fee hike.
- 95% of fee hike incl user charges remain
- patriarchal dress code & curfew & scrapping of 24*7 library timings remain
- Partial roll back of room rent ONLY for students w/ families in BPL list, w/ income of below Rs 27000 per annum - just Rs 2250 per month! (So even min wage earners not counted poor)
- 40% JNU students' families earn less than Rs 144000 per annum - Rs 12000 per month, these wd not benefit from roll back!

What I learned was that RW debators will imply things and then blame you for assuming them when you infer them.

The solution is to ask directly and not engage in any other discussion. Like he would never denounce violence and I can keep on asking for it.

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Yesterday I had a discussion here with a person who claimed I wrongly named him right wing. It is stuck in my mind so giving some after thoughts.

The person claimed to just want acceptance of atrocities of medieval Muslim rulers. Strangely he came in to discuss on my claim that present Hindus should not trample over the rights of present Muslims.

He also claimed that I wrongly assume that he wanted violence. Strangely again he never replied to my multiple pleas of denouncing violence.

Need to get better at debates with people who do not engage your argument.

Need to learn to not engage their argument, instead stress yours.

Baby steps.

I will be truthful that I constantly fear a knock of police on my door any day for the very mild criticism of the government and its ideology.

And still compulsively I do it. I swear here that God exists and he forces me to not sleep without letting out my thoughts.

For those reading the Maasir-i Alamgiri, keep this in mind (in addition to everything else about historical method, context, hazards of judging the past by the standards of the present, etc.). From my #Aurangzeb book:

I will suggest, in good faith and under complete knowledge that I probably am not a person who should be suggesting, to the Muslims in our country to get under a seige and survival mode culturally and identity wise.


You need to form cliques and protect your identity And culture. Probably the African Americans are an idea. Slowly regain mainstream on your terms.

I hate myself for tooting this. I am just disturbed by some of the top trends on :twitter:

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