hey! news from the BrainWeb (and you read them in Mastodon first!)
Matteo Mossio will give a talk on "Biological and Cognitive Autonomy" the 30 of May at 17h Paris time. Save the date! The talk will be hybrid, and we'll stream through World Wide Neuro's Crowdcast
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hola @yoginho !! we still need to find the sci/art/philo/bio/evo/devo people here :D

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Wow! check out all the media formats that are accepted as attachments on @Mastodon !
And how sweet that it's called "toot" :D <3
@r3rt0 Let's toot! :D 😂 😍 ❤️ 🚀 🧠


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hello @k4tj4! What are we going to *achieve* with 500 characters!!

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