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I can’t believe all the excitement coming here and this is the first thing I’m posting

A goat with feeble withers and gray-spotted knees bleats quizzically

guys, is it gay to amble? It's literally walking slowly or leisurely ☕️😳

if there is a political lesson to be learned from covid, I think it is that individualism is a cancerous ideology that threatens society

men and women can’t be friends. neither men nor women can be friends. only nonbinary people know the true nature of friendship

Fellas is it gay to loiter? You're really standing about without any aim or purpose 😔☕️😳

if you;re nonbinary stop scrolling and read this 

you're cute

@queerthemme I'm enjoying myself so much on here, thank you for pestering everybody on insta to join lol

not that i ever have any idea what i am doing, but it's kinda fun to be a n00b

One goat with powerful hooves and meaty hocks barks adorably

USPS tracking: We're not sure your package exists

USPS tracking: You weren't home.

no im not a girl. yes im doing hot girl shit. we exist!

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