'the CONSTITUTION gives me the RIGHT to TASE MYSELF in the BALLS'

'ma'am this is ar—'

'oh, i'm sorry, is the snowflake offended? are you offended? do i offend you???'

I come here to type "toot toot bitches" into the void

Things that happened in 2020 that I’m grateful for: 1. WAP

Why does my brain interpret any sub-optimal physical state as anxiety?

every day I see more evidence that the cishets are indeed not okay

FELLAS is it gay to become? You be growing or coming to be. 😳😳

2020: the year that seeing group photos made me angry

@sewerslut@queer.party he really woke up ever day and chose violence

I love when you ask someone about a thing they know a lot about and they start with "okay, so" because you KNOW you're about to get a novel's worth of nerd shit and it's going to be so delightful because they be passionate as fuck. 🥰

yeah i "read theory"

*gestures at stack of teen vogue magazines*

the existence of a hiccup implies the existence of a hiccdown

instagram: jeans that cut into your stomach and a bra WITH A WIRE; t-shirt has a tag stub that knows just how to scratch/tickle you despite best efforts to remove it

mastodon: underwear and wool sucks with a fuzzy hoodie; bra has been burned; bed

Cis allies: Love is love! Gender's a construct!

Also cis allies: *changing pronouns in lyrics to be heterosexual*

I'm following too many people for my feed to be this dead. How DARE you celebrate a holiday with your loved ones instead of shitposting with me

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