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When you drop something and lose it to the ground, do you ever drop MORE things to figure out where the first thing went?

Because I do. And it never works XD

I forgot Trump is lifetime banned. Ooops. lol

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What are the bot rules for anyways?

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Im tempted to take one for the team and SuperFollow high-level ppl (Like Trump.) and retoot them on Masto.

(Im not a trump fan. know thy enemy)

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My favorite is when I think my toe is broken.

"Oh you would know if your toe is broken".

"I've fucking broke my toe!" turns out my toe was fine. But when I stubbed it, I was 100% certain it was broken.

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"Trust me, you'll know if ___"

I hate this phrase XD. I've totally missed cues by being unintentionally obtuse. lol

I've been very humdrum about :bitcoin: bitcoin since its rise to 60k. I personally think its been very poor for it's public adoption.

People only see it as an investment to "get rich quick" and not a means of liberation from traditional banking.

I have a friend who was telling ME to be careful of Bill Gates and his microchips :picardfacepalm: but was doting on Elon Musk.

Didn't Elon announce chipping people? It's okay if he does it but not Bill? (Bill isn't; devils' advocating)

Since when was Bill Gates not cool?

Im not trying to hate on him, but I just dont see what everyone else sees in the guy.

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Is it just me, or is Elon Musk the Monorail guy from the Simpsons?

I faced heavy stigma when when my friends found out I was applying for food stamps. When ironically, they too could have benefited from them.

The food stamps argument is funny. Some ppl think I shouldn't have used them because its reserved for ppl "who really need them" like the homeless. While others say that the homeless arn't working so that they dont deserve them.

Then who? Who is allowed to use food stamps? XD.

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I used to be . I survived on ~$40/week on food. Even w/cooking, it is very difficult. (Cant utilize economies of scale)

I had a full-time job at $14.25/h and a temporarily cheap $600 rent. I had 4 school loans each on income-based repayment (scam!).

A single overdraft fee wiped me out! This is why I am so radical on idea of Democratic as opposed to the continuation of .

, & :

What I really worry about is the privatization of space. I keep hearing "defund NASA" and "why bother with space when we have so many problem here?" when these are faulty ways of thinking.

Instead of , how about we tax SpaceX? NASAs aggrecultural research alone is worth it's cost. Anything NASA does is for the people.

There is no obligation for private companies to share knowledge, research or even resources. & dont tell me it'll "Trickle Down" πŸ˜‚.

omg. Qemu can boot flash drives 0_0

"qemu-system-x86_64 -hda /dev/sdb"

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