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Today is the first Global Encryption Day!

🔒 Encryption makes life safer. Without it, our banking details, personal conversations, medical history, and everything in between is on display.

Now is the time to #MakeTheSwitch to encrypted services (like Tor!)

@xian @Epsi If you want to actively avoid google, check out /e/ (formerly eelo. good luck duckduckgoing them)

@xian @Epsi The FOSS version runs as a background app. (Can I hide the notification w/o breaking functionality? do you know?)

I too run LOS. Custom built with signature spoofing to allow microG.

Psiie boosted this is why I don't like shit tied to phone numbers...

@Epsi Yea.... it sucks.

Since then, I get spam texts about ghostwriting a book.

I don't even want to write a book... What a weird grift.

@Epsi Push notifications dont work with Telegram if you have a degoogled phone >:(.

Signal works though.

Signal actually had an issue of ppl data scraping via their api. And trawling through every single possible phone number.

@InternetEh We should do something about it. Like seize the means of production. Just spitballing.

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@psiie Yes, it is. It asn't supposed to be launched yet, but once it was revealed that it was a Masto clone, someone worked out how to create accounts and access existing accounts.

@noelle Whats the etiquette for unlisted toots?

Can I boost them?

@noelle I thought it wasn't launched yet.

This is the Mastodon clone right? (The one where they rip masto and not attribute it)

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Don't buy when everyone is excited.

Buy when no one is talking about it.

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Mastodon's Founder Says Trump's New Social Network Is Just Mastodon

'Truth Social', which will launch officially later in the year, is seemingly using Mastodon's codebase without credit.

Former President Donald Trump’s new social network ’Truth Social’ is seemingly a thinly disguised fork of popular social network codebase Mastodon.

Its terms also say that “all source code” of Truth Social is proprietary. That might run afoul of Mastodon’s own license.

“The main thing is that Mastodon is free software, released under the AGPLv3 license, so anyone can use it—provided they comply with the license. The main part of the license is making the source code and any modifications to it available to the public,” Rochko told Motherboard. With Truth Social saying that its code is proprietary “that would be a problem, as that would indicate a license violation,” Rochko added.

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