Im pretty sure im doing the "earn" option rn. Not the learn.

My job is not stimulating at all, but It pays well :\.

Blue Origin's rocket looks like a penis. People laugh at the number 69... How are People not making fun of this??

Pro Tip: put your flavors in dropper bottles.

They changed the labels. So my cherry and peach dont have labels. (i xacto'd the previous labels)

@Supergirl on CW seems to be paying homage to Ridley Scott's Alien!

@stux @calculsoberic I think the custom css needs the .column width set to 340px, not 300px.

I always have a horizontal scrollbar when the viewport is set above 1200px. Changing the 300px to 340px seems to fix it.

I can make a gif to further demonstrate if you want :).

Bolin. Named after Legend of Korra.

EO: Lia nomo estas Bolin.

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