Check out this awesome video from Ryan!😎🐧

Ryan discusses the new App Tracking Protection for Android made by DuckDuckGo!
#privacy #security
#Linux #podcasts

@wiler @DestinationLinux you know, I cant remember now. I did a deep dive into every alternative search engine at the time, and I found Startpage to be the best of the options.

SearX I have particularly had problems working. Even when I switched servers. I would get a lot of blank search results.

Startpage is supposed to give google results as if there was no personalization. They are also a Netherlands company.


@wiler @DestinationLinux What do you consider normal? I was under the impression that I tried normal ones.

I picked them from and chose based on google search response times and A ratings.

@psiie Yeah, interesting (even strange). :ral_oh:
I use normal servers with normal protection and good equipment, I adjusted it to me and basically it works fine. :ral_happy:

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