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Ryan discusses the new App Tracking Protection for Android made by DuckDuckGo!
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@wiler @DestinationLinux you know, I cant remember now. I did a deep dive into every alternative search engine at the time, and I found Startpage to be the best of the options.

SearX I have particularly had problems working. Even when I switched servers. I would get a lot of blank search results.

Startpage is supposed to give google results as if there was no personalization. They are also a Netherlands company.

@wiler @DestinationLinux Yea, I mean I tried 3. I understood that they are self-hosted by anyone and everyone. The idea itself is great, but in practice it yielded terrible search results.

(Blank seaches was the biggest issue. A search that I do anywhere else and immediately get results from. DDG, Startpage, bing, google all give results when searchx did not. )


@wiler @DestinationLinux To be fair, even Startpage sometimes have blank search results. But its so rare. Like twice a month. Going to google (I know, I know) solves that problem.

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@wiler @DestinationLinux to be double fair, if I use google, I get flagged and have to put in a captcha. Or at least that used to be the case. I use a lot of boolean operators.

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