@calculsoberic You know, I go to tag you sometimes and I always give up because there are so many clone accounts.

I only know its REALLY you when you interact with my toots XD

@psiie really?! I have alts named cats who code on other instances, so there's a high likelihood that it's still me. Like this one: - which ones are you thinking of?

@calculsoberic oops ones a duplicate. I guess its not THAT many.

@psiie my original account was on .social and at some point I came up with the cats who code name, in memory of my cat Garp, who used to sit on my keyboard and accidentally open coding programs.

@calculsoberic awwwe. Thats adorable.

What do you use to stay logged into multiple instances at once? (desktop). Tusky (mobile) is pretty cool.

@psiie I have Fedilab on my phone, but on desktop I either use the browser version or Tootle (for Linux). I also have Husky for Pleroma.

@psiie oh yeah, I tried that once! It's "Pleroma." I have an account on the instance

@psiie was there something specific you wanted to tag me about? 😺

@calculsoberic I couldn't recall if you said you too get migraines.

I know we spoke at the beginning of the year about MRIs.

@psiie Ahh! No, I don't get migraines, just regular headaches. I had MRIs because I had had a brain tumor when I was 14.

@calculsoberic Thats right. My results ended up being "Congenital Tumor at base of skull". In my head but technically not a brain tumor. Non-harmful.

Although I now get "Silent Migraines" in addition to regular migraines XD.

Will be trying anti-seizure meds soon, which I am NOT excited for. :\

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