I spent a good 2 minutes searching each and every app on my phone for "Song identifier" because I couldn't remember Shazam.

We live in a weird world where brand names are above function. Where are my apps named for what they do? Maps, Song-Identify, Mail, Browser, SMS, Calculator

Same goes for food. Toaster-pastry instead of poptart, Hotdog instead of frankfurt, Margarine instead of Land'O'Lakes. (The last one is funny. They don't use the word Margarine ANYWHERE on the package. Its like they are ashamed)

@psiie right! I don't know if that makes it simple to be understood or makes it dumb.

Honestly I was thinking of a joke but..."a Netflix/Spotify for books/clothes/food/education" actually doesn't seem that far.

*laughs confused not sure if in anxiety or madness

@psiie Well I mean it's not that pervasive, we still have generic stock apps with those names even on their own devices. This is just an extension of generic products already being known by penultimate brand names, like every facial tissue ever made is now a Kleenex, or all gelatins are Jello.

@PanzersForFeet Yea, I guess I was more of pointing out when prodicts arnt Eponyms yet, it makes it really hard to find the app name.

Just big enough to have a unique name, but not big enough to be memorable XD.

@PanzersForFeet and i guess no one will market an app called "song identifier" lol.

🤔. Android could search by keyword though. That would have been nice.

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