I often try to explain to my partner that I don't think in words. He doesn't understand why I have to "find words" because I have the conceptual idea in my head but don't know what it is called.

@robby good read. Ide have to say that I may have an internal monologue. I still have to find my words though. The picture/conceptual idea happens first, then I find words.

Its funny when i dont remember the name of something but understand the idea crystal clear in my head.

Like for some reason I can never remember the word "chilling effect", and when I forget the word, the idea is crystal clear in my mind. All the associations and emotions that go with it. So when I'm just thinking to myself, there is no need to remember the word.

So idk if I have an internal monologue or not. Ide say I do. But more concisely, My partner says that words happen first. For me, words happen second in my head.

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