People of the Fediverse, what do you personally boycott and why?

I'll start: Self-checkouts. There are never enough jobs and we need jobs just so that we can give people money. (I'm pro-UBI)

@psiie Fiat currencies, especially USD. The money printer is the reason the whole world is turning to shit.

@arashi Ah yes, USD.... I don't know how common knowledge it is, but USD is "debt money". The creation of money is heavily tied to the creation of loans (~10:1 reserve rations iirc).

Meaning having money means someone else carries debt. Debt being integral to the modern system (post-gold standard)

@arashi It's sick.

It's why Im pro-cryptocurrency. But I have a hard time getting people on-board because everyone just sees it as a "get rich quick" scheme :\. Ironically these are the people who would benefit the most from a non-US currency.

@psiie it's been 0% reserves since March last year. We're basically running on monopoly money now.

@arashi Zero is ludicrous. Having any non-zero positive integer would put a limit on maximums. But putting actual zero is infinite.

Im already pro-cryptocurrency, but now Im considering not paying my school loans off and waiting for the collapse to dissolve it lol XD.

@psiie I boycott all commercial social media. If a social media thing exists to make money, if it is free because members are the product… well, screw that.

@KolokokoBird Even my spouse, who knows ALL about privacy from me, still chooses to use Facebook. What I hear is: "Why should I care if Im the product?".

I honestly don't have an answer. Obviously I would love if everyone could make money off of their own data. Instead of google/facebook/ect.

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