Finally got my DNS-Over-Tor resolver working and stable. With DNS-Over-Https as backup. Combined with , its one heck of a server :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

The benefit? Not even knows whos performing the queries.

If anyone else is interested, I made it into a container for convenience. Im also here to help :)

It should be noted that youll want DNSmasq's "strict-order" mode. It ensures dns#1 is always used first. Dns#2 is only queried if #1 times out.

This is nessesary as a 24/7 stable connection to tor is difficult AF. But if you set up tor in a docker contianer and have it autoheal when unhealthy, its only a ~5m downtime in which queries go to #2.

@kzimmermann haha. Thanks!

I hope to get it more popular. (The endpoint in general , not my container per-se). Cloudflare puts this as novelty on their site. Alongside their Sms resolver XD.

Awesome! Sounds like something I want to setup right tf away!

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