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Fun fact!

If you disable images in Google Chrome, ads served from GoogleAds will still display

Everything Everywhere All at Once might be in my top 5 favorite movies.

I try not to rate movies until a few weeks go by, but this film has staying power.

Is there a way to hide all bot accounts on masto? I think Im done with them :/. I like reading what people say on my limited daily visit to the fediverse :blobcathappypaws:


Im learning chinese. I cant write many things but what I can write are the important things 🤣

I have a Stirling silver ring that turned brown. But the next morning it went back to silver.

What happened? Was it heat? My Selenium shampoo?

Is the jewlery fake? Silver plated copper?


Compasses point (north needle) to the south poles of other magnets.


The north pole is actually a south pole?! But we just call it north

MaxDefend product sucks. Turbotax defers you to a third party company. And I am pretty sure that they do just the bare minimum to constitute a 'service'. Basically a company that exists just to bolster upsales of Turbotax.

So I have something that was remedied by doing a single phone call to the IRS. I pushed to do this and they wouldn't deviate from their set path. They closed my claim. "We will deal with the IRS so you dont have to" my ass. lol

Did I ever tell you guys the time that Google stole $800 from me for 2 years?

I bought the Google Pixel 1, and did their "No questions asked return" within 2 weeks. They held onto that money for 2 years. There was literally no human being to get onto the call.

Everything being automated is great until you fall between the cracks.

I say "I love my government" every once in a while just to throw off the algorithm

I know these damn Google Homes are always listening. As well as my spouses phone. But I cant get rid of them 🤷

"So how bout the local sportsball team?" is the most generic small-talk there could be! I love it lol

I'm always proud when I go to Costco and see all the Lactase enzymes being snatched up.

Like. I'm finally not alone being Lactose Intolerant in the United States of America

Watching Gale from Bob's Burgers brings flashbacks to when I had no money.

Yes. I would shave with the same cheap razor until I cut myself on the face. To save money. Like. That was the plan.

My partner just said that our cat's middle name is fish.

Ridiculous XD

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