For those wondering: I run a custom ROM compiled by me and without gApps.

In case you saw discrepancies between my personality & my phone (being a Google phone)

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Anyone else feel like "upgrades" to phones have sharply fallen to the wayside?

My friend got the Pixel 4a, and I remember comparing the tech specs only to find the differences negligible. He had the Pixel 2 as well so idk what convinced him to go through the "upgrade"

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Its funny the dance your brain does when you cant remember the word. Reminds me of . Conjugating words together to create a word that you dont know.

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I didn't know this but aphasia is apparently very normal for headache/migraine sufferers.

The run-on joke in the family are my made-up words. Like "meat rounds" for pepperoni. Or "tall liquid bowl" for mug.

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What is the PS4 CMOS battery and why it can render the console unusable for gaming if it runs out of power

Right now, all eyes are on Sony, since after announcing its decision to no longer be able to buy products on the PS3, PSP and PSVita PSN, we have learned about a really tric

#Technology #battery #CMOS #PSVita #PS3 #PS4 #PSN

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@calculsoberic Are polls limited to 4 options? I was gonna add like a ton of choices here. Is it possible to expand it? XD

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We need a new verb to replace "Google It". Ideas?

Anyone have experience with ? I have a game breaking bug in on the .

I extracted the save from the console but extracting it with zlib-flate is successful but gives a maformed xml. No corrupt unicode/binary, its as if the zlib is slightly different.

Remember, the time to buy :bitcoin: is when everyone says its dead :blobbee: :blobbeesip:

(Also: don't invest/speculate what you cant afford to lose. :blobcat_thisisfine:.)

What does do in your profile? I see it a lot.

The "lage stage" in Late stage capitalism refers to the "race to the bottom" that occurs when capital (profits) become more and more thin.

Capital itself exists from a higher valuation of a product than it costs to create. If the masses are poor and the same level of capital is desired, then the capital must come in the form of: a worst product, worst working conditions or a scam/lie itself.

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"Right to repair" is now dead. Only you can repair your product. Your fridges last 4 years on average and people are accustomed to buying a new fridge when they die. You have maintained the same profit margins since the 1940s despite wildly volatile economic instability. The public praises you for being innovative & successful.

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What do you do? You realize you can lobby for a bill that makes it illegal to repair your fridges. You tell the public: "People are getting scammed right now and all the while the government wants to make a bill that lets the scammers continue!". You now have the support of the people.

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This is a disaster, as providing lower & lower prices has caused a "race to the bottom" with fellow competitors. You can no longer raise the price back up (even if you were to improve the quality). People expect this price.

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It is 2010 and you begin to see a culture of self-repair & cheapo repair services emerge. This directly affects your bottom line. You offer fridges at a mere 1/6th of what you used to (accounting for inflation) and you no longer see new purchases or repairs!

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